The heart and art of art

Art creates an unfair advantage in business.

The heart and art of art

Humans are pretentious complex beings. We create convoluted metrics to race our lives around. We design complicated abstractions around ourselves, but in reality, we crave simplicity.

We admire art because we desire our lives and experiences to be as simple as art. Art attempts to implode our complex selves into a simple representation that most people understand.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. – Leonardo da Vinci

Art is a pure form of expression vs. all the noises we deal with daily. Never underestimate the power of a constant supply of signals in life, if that is a thing at all.

The heart of art is its unpretentious simplicity. On the other hand, the art of art is in original thinking.

Who is an original thinker? A thinking human being. That is – every single pretentious complex one of us!

Thus, the art of product is in delivering simplicity. To the users, to the engineers, and to the sponsors. Art creates an unfair advantage in your product.