Pandemic perks

20 pandemic perks reinforced by lockdown.

Pandemic perks

For employees:

  • A relaxed environment
  • Time savings on the commute
  • Free from contagious diseases
  • A lot better work-life integration
  • Sometimes a work-from-home stipend
  • A lot better in observing family responsibilities
  • Little to no offline sexual and racial harassment
  • Cost savings on the commute, fancy dinners, etc.
  • Employment opportunities without borders and possibly a better salary
  • Sometimes mental health stipend or support program, otherwise ignored

For employers:

  • No accidental damages
  • No Office and furniture rentals
  • Savings on free lunch and snacks
  • Meetings can be called at weird times
  • Little to no political turmoil affecting business
  • A lot better work-life integration yields more productivity
  • No office party, happy hour, and customer meeting expenses
  • Huge savings on offline employee training and conference fees
  • Very less number of appointments, if any, missed due to traffic

For insurance companies:

  • Due to lockdown, there are very little to no claims on car and health insurances. They get to profit nearly the full amount of what they are paid.