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Engineering future for your org.

You can contact me for solving increasingly complex and chaotic engineering puzzles at scale. I led and influenced upto 150 engineers at a time.

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With the combined knowledge of working for the top companies

Engineering is a controlled chaos

Creating the engineering organism

My 6-pillar framework unveils truths to chief operators, enables product directors for rapid iteration and customer obsession, activates rich developer experience and brings clarity and foresight to the investors.

Worldclass Architecture

What makes you worldclass? I find your gap and show pragmatic solutions.

Unlocking Business

What unleashes more r$venue? I proactively discover roadblocks to winning. I find profit in data insights.

Moving Mountains

What moves the mountains? I help you systematically pay off tech. debt and move away from monoliths.

Security, Privacy & Complicance

I design and implement worldclass controls to earn customer trust and ace legal concerns.

Operational Excellence

Not all services are equal. Observability, distributed tracing, etc. I design fullstack ops.

Undeniably Great Culture

I design and hire for highly collaborative and delightful development practice. I move company knowledge forward.

Solving chaotic engineering puzzles

Total ownership of the present and the future.

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